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Digital Transformation Strategy

The Digital Transformation Strategy developed by Digital Forms will allow your company to undergo digital transformation, increase its market potential and control the pace of change in the entire industry.

Incorporating technology into business raises the efficiency of business processes. It has an impact on improving the company's image and helps achieve the desired results. Currently, all major companies have to be present and work in the digital space. The companies which introduce those changes faster are leaving their competitors far behind, which is usually supported by increased customer satisfaction.

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The environment creates the needs

Why does your company need a digital transformation?


Digital transformation is ever-present, and most of the industries are going through it. What lies in the future of companies that will not decide to change in parallel with the evolving business environment?

The Digital Transformation Strategy is a response to rapid technological progress and is key to the effective and stable development of the company.

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Digital Forms uses high-quality IT solutions to achieve our clients’ business goals.

What are you going to achieve?


We fix the problems of our clients

The Digital Transformation Strategy solves the most important challenges, which companies are facing today.
We solve numerous problems of our clients with the help of digital tools, such as:

Acquiring new customers

Organizing and enhancing the sales processes

Organizing other core business processes and systems within the organization

Increasing your conversion rate

Cost optimization against the constant market price increases

Coordination of projects in the realities of remote work

Accurate forecasting of sales results and budget in a changing environment

Optimizing the digital flow of information between departments

Get known with the process

Digital Transformation process

Activities, which bring positive results

Each transformation project should start with an understanding of where your business is on their digital journey. An in-depth analysis of current digital activities - processes, tools, activities and level of knowledge - will allow you to determine the degree of digital maturity and understand the needs of the business.

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Introduction workshops

We start our cooperation with on-line workshops (with an option for a face-to-face meeting). We get to know the company as well as its needs and expectations. We showcase our thoughts on how to bring your company forward in the digital space thanks to the Digital Transformation Strategy. We show examples of our other works and results, through case studies.

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External Customer and competitor analysis

We analyze the way the company is presented and promoted on the Internet, we examine the company's digital systems visible outside the organization (client facing interfaces). We verify and analyse the actions of your competitors in the same way. We also check the trends of a given market sector and the level of industry digitization.

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Internal digital analysis

We analyze your company’s internal systems - tools and applications and the way they are used in your company. At the same time, we verify communication channels with clients. With data from all analyses we can determine the level of digital adoption of the company.

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Digital touchpoints

We are looking for common elements that distinguish your company from the competition in terms of information technology. Based on global digital trends, the collected data and the knowledge of our experts, we will present the key directions of digitization of your company and the company's development forecast for the next 5 years.

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We will organize two-day workshops to thoroughly understand the company and its business needs. Our specialists will prepare effective brainstorming activities, taking into account all company’s departments, and then facilitate the process. Together, we will establish the real state of usage and understanding of the information technologies within your organisation.

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Employee Interviews

According to McKinsey research, 70% of digital transformations fail because they do not take employees' opinion into account. Digital Forms will meet the needs of employees by involving them in the digitization process - thanks to this, our Digital Transformation Strategy is highly effective. We conduct interviews with employees of all departments and levels within the organization, which allows for a multi-level understanding of the business and its management.

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Digital Maturity Assessment

This is one of the most important parts of the process. One of the results of our research is the Digital Maturity Assessment showing where your company is in its digital journey. The audit diagnoses and showcases the areas that the company should manage at the beginning of the process and where resources should be first invested in order to achieve the best results.

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Implementation roadmap

We will present to the client a detailed plan containing the most effective digital solutions tailored to the industry and the most promising digital trends. A roadmap showcasing the most crucial programmes of work and enabling investments helps to pinpoint the right path for digital growth. During consultations and workshops with the client, we select the best solutions for their organization, and then we proceed to the implementation of the final transformation plan.

It is an invest

Digital transformation is an investment

A ready-made plan for your company

The Digital Transformation Strategy is a custom-made process that allows for an in-depth analysis of the company's needs and to create a plan that guarantees increasing the level of digitization, and thus increasing competitiveness and profits.


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