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Mobile applications are a fantastic tool to support your business goals. Apps build customer engagement, increase your sales and support your employer branding.At Digital Forms we will build a mobile app that is tailored to your brand strategy.

Aplikacje mobilne na platformy iOS i Android -

Why are mobile applications so useful? They are just so easy to use, always at hand. The user can use them almost anywhere and all the time. There are no boundaries of time and place. The proximity between a brand and a client was never so real and attainable. It’s worth taking advantage of that in many ways, for example, fast shopping, reservations, gathering feedback, giving advice or communicating with employees. Functional solutions are close by - try them!

Aplikacje mobilne na platformy iOS i Android -

Why Digital Forms?

We don’t do half-measures. We like to think about our applications as digital snowflakes - every one of them is different, just like your business. We know that with the modern pace of changes, not only quality, but also time also matters - that’s why we pride ourselves in delivering our projects on time.

Proces projektowania aplikacji mobilnych -

To have the best fit for your business possible, we verify application goals and data about the users. We analyse available solutions for your sector. After gathering that data, we prototype using a design thinking method. Thanks to that - but also risk management and reporting cycles - you can observe how your app is built in real-time.


Recent projects

We created solutions not only for international brands but also for small-medium companies. Our applications are used in the health, insurance and automotive sectors. We have a well-rounded experience that allows us to develop successful products for any industry.

Roche Insights

Simple but powerful tool that allows to gather insights about diseases, used medicines, and many other in many countries at once with realtime data analyse. We co-created entire app taking a deep dive into client business needs. App is a big success, with new countries joining every month.

Roche One Incubator

How to involve employees at all levels of the enterprise in the development process? This is the question Roche has asked us. Our answer was One incubator: an open platform, where anyone can ask for support on any topic or propose solutions to problems faced by colleagues.

We have started the work on the application by running design thinking workshops. After two days, we presented the client with our first proposal, and after its acceptance, we prepared a detailed mock-up within 3 weeks. The application saw the light of day after only 3 months. How is this possible? Only by working closely with stakeholders and thanks to thorough understanding of the client’s internal processes.


Power is an app that allows your Tesla (or other electric car) to be charged at your convenience. We have worked on both the app and the hardware and backend parts, to ensure that the chargers are working and charging the cars appropriately. Power is currently live and managing over 20 power-up points throughout Poland, with expansion plans for western countries.

They trusted us

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Digital Forms cooperation advantages

We do understand business needs

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We understand business needs

We cooperate with companies for years, developing their technological solutions and helping with the Digital Transformation process. We acknowledge that the target of every product is the customer and they help us define the direction of development and growth. By building applications suited to their needs, we see the best outcome for company results. That’s why we put a big emphasis on understanding our customers, which happens during online workshops before the design phase.

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We have comprehensive experience

We are not focusing on one sector, but instead, we try to cooperate across the business spectrum. This gives us a broader perspective and accelerates the implementation process into new projects. We created solutions for many sectors, including insurance, healthcare and automotive.

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We co-create the solution with the client

To ensure a tailor-made solution, we cooperate closely with the client throughout the process. In the first stage, we get to know your company and environment. Next, we proceed to the prototyping stage. We report our work, which allows everyone to cooperate on building the new application.

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We cooperate with experts

We are specialists in our craft. We develop our knowledge by developing advanced digital solutions. Our experience is amplified by the knowledge of the well-known programmer - Krzysztof Zabłocki. He is an iOS expert and author of applications used by users worldwide.

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Technology is our bread-and-butter

Our applications are based on Swift and Kotlin languages, which makes them best solution for iOS and Android. Working in Swift allow us to identify and solve problems even still in developing phase. Kotlin, on the other hand, allow us to move fast with rapid changes along the way. Clarity of Kotlin code guarantee security, and low error level, thus application reliability. We are also leveraging the power of Flutter, a hybrid solution for mobile applications, which was language of second choice in 2020.


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