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We create functional websites and web applications

Achieve higher conversions with the proper optimization

Achieve higher conversions with the proper optimization

When designing web solutions, we focus on attractive design (UI) and creating useful websites and applications that meet all User Experience (UX) requirements.

Our designs are based on functionality, usability, accessibility, and trustworthiness, allowing us to achieve our business goals by creating products that look good and are practical and intuitive for users.

User Experience Design — benefits:

  • The user's first impression is 95% based on the quality of the UX Design.

  • 70% of e-businesses end their operations due to poor and poorly developed UX.

  • UX design influences the quality of user interaction, satisfaction and trust in the brand.

  • A well-developed UX allows for reducing the cost of fixing bugs in the later stages of projects.

  • Proper UX design speeds up the purchasing decision process and increases the profitability of your business!

What is the UX/UI design process?

Design with the user in mind — discover the power of UX/UI!

UX/UI design is a complex process aiming to create a functional, intuitive, attractive user interface. UX/UI design requires analytical skills, technical knowledge and empathising with users’ needs. However, it also requires creativity and appropriate graphic skills.

As UX/UI design experts, we offer mock-up and graphic design services according to the Design Thinking method, which means that our process focuses on responding to user needs. Our priority is to create user-friendly and functional interfaces so that using the product can be simple and enjoyable.


Design Thinking Methodology

  • 1


    Understanding users' needs and the problems we want to solve.

  • 2


    Define the problem and set the project objective clearly and understandably.

  • 3


    Generate as many ideas and concepts as possible for implementation.

  • 4


    Create simple models or visualisations of ideas to test their performance.

  • 5


    Test them with users to get their feedback and suggestions.

  • 6


    Implementation of an optimal solution and its continuous improvement.


Learn about our UX/UI design process

Developing a UX/ UI that is functional and usable consists of eight stages:


1. Workshops

Workshops with the client are a vital part of the design process. During these meetings, we explore the client's needs and expectations, which helps to shape the design further.


2. Competition Analysis and Research

Competition analysis and research allow us to better understand the market and the industry for which we are doing the design. Then, the designer can produce an interface that aligns with current trends while standing out from the competition.


3. UX/UI audit of current solutions

A UX/UI audit of current products and solutions involves analysing existing websites or applications' usability and visual appeal. User behaviour is also examined using analytical tools such as Hotjar or Google Analytics. The conclusions from these analyses are used in the different design processes.


4. Definition of project objectives

We carry out numerous analyses at this stage. We identify the target group at which the product is aimed, develop the structure of the website or application, and define step-by-step user flow and user scenarios.


5. Prototype development
— UX functional mock-ups

Developing UX functional mock-ups involves creating a clickable prototype of a preliminary product version that one can use for testing, analysis, and presentation to the client.


6. Usability and functionality testing with users

Usability and functionality tests verify that the design is intuitive and fulfils its functions when used by real users. This stage allows us to determine whether the design meets the predefined objectives correctly. The data we receive from the tests will enable us to develop the design in the right direction further.


7. We design the final interface or website

After approving the website prototype (UX), we design the website graphics. At this stage, we create the final product design. We design the layout of the homepage and all the necessary sub-pages.


8. Project implementation

Implementation is the final phase of the project. We deliver the project with complete documentation to the client. Depending on the nature of the collaboration, we start programming the project or hand it over to the client for implementation by the chosen software house or its resources.

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We develop website and application prototypes based on real user needs


Our UX/UI Design process, depending on the specifics of the project, may include:


Proto-persons are profiles of future users created based on research and data analysis. Developing a proto-persona helps to understand the needs of the product's end users.

Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is a tool to visualise a customer's interaction with a product. It allows you to better understand the customer's needs, behaviour and emotions at each stage of the interaction.

Mind maps

Mind maps are a design tool that helps organise thoughts and ideas about a project in a graphical space. It enables you to generate many good proposals quickly and efficiently.

Information architecture (AI)

AI is a process of designing the structure and organisation of the information of a product. It enables users to navigate and find the information they need. We use the AIDA Model in our work.

User testing

User testing is obtaining feedback from potential product users to improve its UX/UI.

Functional design (UX

Functional (UX) projects focus on designing the user's interaction with the product, emphasising functionality and usability.

Graphic design (UI)

Graphic design (UI) is designing the user interface with a focus on the aesthetics, usability and consistency with the brand.

Empathy map

An empathy map is a design tool that helps understand and describe product users' needs, motivations and emotions

As part of the partnership JAAQOB HOLDING®. handles UX / UI Design activities.

As part of the partnership JAAQOB HOLDING®. handles UX / UI Design activities.

JAAQOB HOLDING®. is a strategic and creative group with experience that supports companies in achieving their business and marketing goals. As a partner of Digital Forms, the agency develops User Experience Design and User Interface Design.

JAAQOB HOLDING®. is a top-tier company in Poland, renowned for developing cutting-edge marketing strategies and online tools. With a focus on exceptional user experience and adhering to accessibility standards WCAG 2.1, they continue to raise the bar for digital design through their innovative UX/UI prototyping. Numerous awards, including a gold statuette from the American Advertising Awards, attest to their outstanding work.


Why cooperate with us?

We have realised dozens of websites, applications and web systems. We operate based on proven research processes, years of experience and the competence of our specialists. We take a method and step-by-step approach to each project, ensuring it meets all functional, usability and aesthetic aspects. You get a successful product with us that meets all your business goals.

Roche Insights

Simple but powerful tool that allows to gather insights about diseases, used medicines, and many other in many countries at once with realtime data analyse. We co-created entire app taking a deep dive into client business needs. App is a big success, with new countries joining every month.

Roche One Incubator

How to involve employees at all levels of the enterprise in the development process? This is the question Roche has asked us. Our answer was One incubator: an open platform, where anyone can ask for support on any topic or propose solutions to problems faced by colleagues.

We have started the work on the application by running design thinking workshops. After two days, we presented the client with our first proposal, and after its acceptance, we prepared a detailed mock-up within 3 weeks. The application saw the light of day after only 3 months. How is this possible? Only by working closely with stakeholders and thanks to thorough understanding of the client’s internal processes.


Power is an app that allows your Tesla (or other electric car) to be charged at your convenience. We have worked on both the app and the hardware and backend parts, to ensure that the chargers are working and charging the cars appropriately. Power is currently live and managing over 20 power-up points throughout Poland, with expansion plans for western countries.

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